Beyond the conceptual design phase, we support the deveopment of winning end-to-end UAS product designs.


  Our UAS product development capabilities include:

  • Requirements development
  • Comparative analysis with other systems
  • Product definition that leverages key client-provided technologies
  • Responsive and rapid design iterations based on customer feedback
  • Engineering trade studies for the complete UAS and subsystems
  • Survey and selection of major systems, including payloads, propulsion, communication systems, avionics, launch and recovery systems, and ground control stations
  • Supplier strategy, including make-buy decision support, analytical trade studies, and surveys
  • Development program planning

Levels of product development

  • ​Rough sizing and aesthetic design
  • Conceptual design
  • Preliminary design
  • Detail design
  • Prototyping Transition to production 

Product development design maturation

Conceptual design is a small portion of overall effort, but locks in most of the product definition.

The quality of conceptual design can lead to the ultimate success or failure of a program, so it is critically important.  We perform complete aircraft conceptual design services.  Our aircraft sizing tools cover traditional aircraft design disciplines including configuration design, aerodynamics, propulsion, structures, mass properties, subsystem analysis, and flight performance.  We also explore other important disciplines such as cost analysis, launch and recovery systems, footprint, transportability, payload performance, and operations analysis.

Our object oriented aircraft design software can be rapidly tailored to unique design challenges.  Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) and design space exploration tools are utilized to rapidly find optimal, well-balanced design solutions.  Our conceptual design product usually includes comprehensive design study reports, customer briefings, and engineering data to support later design phases.

Aircraft design conceptual

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